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Camper Adventures

I produced a promotional campaign for vehicle hire company Camper Adventures, creating three separate videos for the client focusing on different elements of their marketing requirements.

Alongside these videos, I also created an album of still images, showcasing the vehicle in a range of locations and environments. You can view the gallery here.

This video is a fast paced edit centered around the the experience of driving the camper van - showcasing its appearance and invoking a sense of escaping into the wild onto quiet country roads. This edit would be perfect for a website header video for example.

This video focuses on the more practical elements of hiring a camper van and informs potential customers of what they can expect in terms of features, if they were to hire the vehicle. Text and graphics were deliberately centered so that the video is also useable with a square social media crop.

The final video was created to inspire and help potential customers imagine the kind of adventure they could have with the camper van. Shot in the scenic Scottish Highlands over 4 days, this video conveys a sense of discovery, relaxation and getting closer to nature.

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