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Stanley Stories

Short branded documentary series created for Stanley PMI, focussing on real and authentic stories.

Built for Life: The Shepherdess

Having moved away from her family’s farm when she was 12, Alison O’Neil - aka The Shepherdess - always dreamed of returning to a life in the hills. 22 years ago, she finally managed to start a sheep farm of her own. Despite all the hardships of her seemingly idyllic lifestyle - the long winters, the early starts - she still feels her happiest as a shepherdess in the heart of the British countryside.

Built for Life: Glen Dye

Meet Charlie, Caroline and the Glen Dye team. Located South of Aberdeen, Scotland, are cosy cabins where you can stay, learn to forage, wild swim or take bush classes. Charlie talks us through his journey of breathing life back into the project he took on 35 years ago and the legacy he wants to leave for future generations.

Built for Life: Fell Foodie

Based in the Lake District, Harrison Ward aka Fell Foodie is an outdoor cook, mental health advocate and all-round lover of the hills. Cooking outdoors, bringing people together and sharing recipes has helped Harrison to boost both his physical and mental health.

Built for Life: Sheffield Outdoor Plungers

Started by Owen Hayman a few years ago as a means to make friends after moving to Sheffield from Swansee, the SOuP Facebook group now boasts over 12,000 members who regularly meet up, swap the best swimming spots, and have a post-swim chat over cake and a well-earned mug of hot tea.

Built for Life: Anna Potter

This film introduces us to Anna Potter, a florist and wild-swimmer who uses cold water swimming as an antidote to a fast-paced life.

Built for Life: Mikk Murray

Mikk Murray, a fell-runner, artist and vegetable grower who strives to live a life connected to and inspired by nature.

Alongside these documentary films, I also shoot still images for Stanley.

You can see a gallery of images here.

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